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Acupuncture Center of the
is Las Vegas's alternative
medicine center able to put an end
to a variety of ailments including:

  Poor Sleeping
  Chronic Fatigue
  Weight Loss
  Quit Smoking
  Sports Injury Rehab

Many patients have asked the question, "What is Acupuncture?"

It is firstly important to understand 'Healing' in itself. True healing lies
in restoring the whole person, which means re-balancing the four
energy bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual-that impact on each other.

Acupuncture takes the mind-body links into account before deciding on
a remedy. Healing can only occur when the underlying cause is
removed, not just the removal of the symptoms. Just merely removing
the symptoms, only drives the disease/ailment deeper, to manifest
later as something more complicated.

Most diseases and discomforts are caused by false perceptions. The
process of healing required the transcending of these false
perceptions, into one's higher self which is the truth.

Weight Loss

Acupuncture not only helps you lose weight but also helps strengthen
the immune system, increases your energy and improves circulation.

There are several things you must do to lose weight:

  You need to drink 8 glasses of water per day.
  Eat a nutritious breakfast, eat good at lunch and eat as less for
    dinner (best to eat vegetables or fruits).
  Ear seed on your ear's pressure points can be used to lessen your
  This is a continuous treatment we can provide for several weeks.
  Continuous exercise for 45 minutes per day.

Our main treatments for weight loss include:

  Ear Seed
  Herbs & Special Slimming Herbal Tea


Using all natural herbal supplements and teas, Dr. Lee has successfully
treated patients for headaches, chronic pain, sports injuries, colds and flus,
smoking addiction, PMS and menopause, allergies, stress relief
as well as digestive and neurological disabilities.

Though there are thousands of hers and healing plants on this earth,
there are very few people that know what these herbs do. After over
six thousand years of study and experiments with these herbs, Chinese
medicine has found remedies to almost every symptom of sickness
and pain known to man.

These remedies come in the form of herbs, teas, ear seed treatments
and ointments made from natural plants and vegetation.

These herbs, roots, ,barks, leaves and seeds have been used instead
of drugs in China for more than six thousand years for different ailments.
More than four hundred thousand persons are using herbs
today to retain their health.

These are NOT drugs - but pure, natural remedies. No matter what
your ailment may be, there is a remedy for it.

If you are suffering, it is advisable for you to call us at our offices. You


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